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Set Apart

Back in the days of Abraham, the men were asked to cut away the foreskin on their penises. Ouch! These were older men and I am sure they were not thrilled with the idea of taking a knife to a very treasured part of their anatomy. Yet it was God Himself who appeared to Abraham and made this commandment to him.

This is my covenant with you and your descendants after you, the covenant you are to keep: Every male among you shall be circumcised.11 You are to undergo circumcision, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and you. Genesis 17

These men would be set apart from others. This would be their sacrifice to show the Lord they were devoted to Him. A little extreme yes, but necessary nonetheless and it is still practiced today.

This would be a sign! God has made covenants with His people throughout history. The Jewish people were forbidden to eat certain foods, were instructed to follow ten commandments and worship on a particular day, Why you might ask?

For you are a holy people to the Lord your God, and the Lord has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. Deuteronomy 14

A special treasure chosen by God Himself. Wouldn't you like to be in that group?

The Jewish faith is full of a lot of directives so Jesus came onto the scene to try and make it plain and open up the membership rolls to other people no matter creed or color. He even made this blatantly clear in Peter's dream about the unclean meat.

he fell into a trance 11 and saw heaven opened and an object like a great sheet bound at the four corners, descending to him and let down to the earth. 12 In it were all kinds of four-footed animals of the earth, wild beasts, creeping things, and birds of the air. 13 And a voice came to him, “Rise, Peter; kill and eat.” 14 But Peter said, “Not so, Lord! For I have never eaten anything common or unclean.” 15 And a voice spoke to him again the second time, “What God has cleansed you must not call common. Acts 10:9

In that moment the Love of God and His message was opened up to the entire world not just the Jewish people. The life of a Christian is one of sacrifice, love for others and hope for the second coming of Jesus to finally save us from this sinful, turbulent world. We have been called to be set apart from the trappings of this world and focus our minds and attention to the treasures of heaven. Do not lay up treasures where moth and rust destroy but lay up treasures in heaven. Matthew 19

God has called us to not only be circumcised down there but also undergo the circumcision of the heart. A cutting away of the sinful flesh and desires for this world and be renewed in the hope for the world to come where sin and death are cast into the lake of fire to be destroyed forever. I would think everyone would want to be part of this special group, No?

Unfortunate but true as many would rather enter through the wide gate which leads to destruction. Let us be set apart and enter through the narrow gate that leads to eternal life. Let us be set apart for His glory and not our own. Let us be set apart and be the sheep that seek after their Shepherd rather than the wolves whose master is lust and desire.

We have been set apart by Him to be a light unto the world. Let your light shine that you may reflect His love onto others lost in this cold and dark world. There is no shame in being set apart for Him.

And that is the Whole Truth!

May God truly bless you in your walk with Him.

And remember, God always answers His kneemail.


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