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Are we Fixable?

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As an IT professional, I am tasked with staying on top of current trends. The proliferation of the Internet of Things is a bit concerning. Companies all over the world are developing and marketing devices and products that can connect to the Internet and communicate with other devices. Your refrigerator, thermostat and lights have the ability to become accessible through your smartphone or device like Alexa or Google home.

Millions of these products are being created every year and either due to greed or investor deadlines, are being brought to market without the necessary security in them to protect you from hackers and malicious software. Software that can overload the device so it catches fire or gets turned into a bot to bring down Netflix or Spotify.

Dan Geer is a well known figure in this field and sat down for an interview with the show Cyberwar and expressed his opinion on the subject. (You can view the video on my site at In the interview he laid out two possibilities that would address this issue. Either we create some kind of access to these devices so we can connect to them and update the software or put an expiration date on them so that at a certain time they will stop working and die. His statement “You cannot be unfixable and immortal” struck me as it relates to God’s struggle with mankind.

We humans are like millions of intelligent devices running amok on this planet. The influence of malicious software on our minds from the most notorious hacker Satan, has created all kinds of terrible conditions in our society. When Adam chose to disobey God, the Angels ushered him out of the Garden before he could become immortal. The Bible records that men were living over 900 years at the time. When God looked down from heaven during Noah’s time, He probably thought mankind was unfixable. By wiping them out and starting all over again, He probably thought it would be better. He did send an update and impose a shorter lifespan on His new creation at 120 years.

Since then we have not gotten any better. We continue to be malicious and follow others who lead us into destruction and mayhem. Why are you mindful of man? David wrote in the Psalms. God could not let his creation continue in this fashion. His original plan was for us to live eternally with Him. But first we must be patched or fixed so we do not continue this insanity forever.

He did this with His son Jesus. He developed a patch that created access to Him and allow God to update our malicious programming and fill the hole in our hearts that would lead us to redemption. The scriptures contain the code that will overwrite the evil programming we have been subjected to here in this realm. All we need do is choose to read it and allow it to overtake our hearts and minds.

If we continue to be unfixable, we cannot expect to gain immortality. We must accept and embrace the updated code handed down by God before he makes His final push to wipe out the evil hacker that has been allowed to exist for almost 6,000 years.

In the end it will come down to one simple choice; God’s way or Lucifer’s. We will have all lived through Lucifer’s simulation and understand that experience did not work out well for us. Throughout the Bible, God has laid out his plan for life and it is one very different than Lucifer’s. God promises us a life of abundance and a place where there will be no more tears. The only requirement is that we love and trust God.

Lucifer will get his day in court once again to espouse the benefits of living without a God and having true free will. There will be strong arguments made about the benefits and pleasures he promoted here for six millenia. But at the end of his dissertation all you need to is ask him is one simple question. What sacrifice did you make on my behalf to insure me eternal life?

His response will be silent and he will attempt to change the subject back to his argument once again. But the truth is that God showed his love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. Lucifer is not willing to go that far and that is why his plan will eventually fail. He is unfixable and therefore must not be immortal. God has laid out in the pages of Revelation the end of Satan and all those who are truly unfixable.

Choose life, hate evil and embrace the life God has planned for all of us who trust and believe in Him. This will make you fixable and worthy to live eternally.

And that is the Whole Truth. God Bless

and remember God always answers His kneemail.

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