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Proof of Life after Death

There are billions of people on the Earth. All of them are dealing with one malady or another. Very few are the good looking, tall and visually appealing type. Most of us are misfits who suffer with one genetic disorder or another.

Personally, I am below average for male height at 5'2". My niece Brianna was born with Cornelia de Lange syndrome and only has one finger at the end of each arm. She cannot speak and must be fed with a feeding tube.

Like her, we do not get to choose what body we are born into. We must make due with what God has given us. PT Barnum made a fortune displaying the odd and outcasts of society. The Whole Truth is we are all odd and do not fit the perfect mold. Only Adam and Eve had that wonderful gift.

As bad as this Cornelia de Lange syndrome is, Brianna seems like a very happy 17 year old girl. She loves music and rolling around the carpet in search of new things to experience. It just does not seem fair that she drew the short straw on physical capabilities. She will have to be taken care of the rest of her life.

My hope and faith reveal to me that Brianna will one day run like the other kids, she will one day play ball with 10 fingers. She will enjoy the fruit of the Tree of Life with her mouth instead of a feeding tube. She and all of us will be perfect in God's house as we shed this defective shell and inherit a body perfect in every way.

And that is the Whole Truth!

May God truly bless you in your walk with Him.

And remember, God always answers His kneemail.

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