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Bible Message in a Nutshell

A man had seven children. After many had reached maturity, six of them began to feel rebellious and decided to leave the comfort and safety of their home and Father. One Son stuck around and was devoted to the Father.

After many years separated from the Father's protection, the six found themselves in all kinds of trouble. Their enemy had taken many captive and enslaved them into addictions and psychological trauma. Their lives were filled with misery, failure and death.

Seeing their affliction, the Father asked His one remaining Son to go and see after the other six. The Son came into their town and confronted their enemy. He told him He would give His life for their sake so that they may be freed from the debauchery and pestilence he had laid on them. The enemy knowing he would not release the six agreed to the deal and killed the Son.

The six remained in captivity and misery for a time. Thinking that he had ultimate power, the enemy ramped up his campaign of torture and affliction. Seeing this destruction of His children, the Father in His power, raised the Son from the dead and sent Him back to confront the enemy once more. This time the Son was given the ability to imprison the enemy.

His victory and sacrifice for them opened the eyes of the six children and they put down away their rebellious ways and came back to the Father. He welcomed them with open arms and the Son sat down at the right hand of the Father to reign forevermore. The enemy finally defeated, the seven children were reunited in a realm of joy and happiness they could have never imagined.

The next time someone asks you about God and the Bible, just tell them this story and reveal that we are part of the six children and that our Father sent His Son to save us from our enemy. One day He will be back to imprison the enemy forever and bring us back to Paradise!

And that is the Whole Truth!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and may God bless you in your ongoing walk with Him.

And remember,

God always answers His kneemail.

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