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The Water and the Rock

Water is an amazing liquid. It inhabits over 70% of the earth's surface. It waters all of the life on this planet and flows throughout every nation. Without it, we perish after 3 days. Water and rocks are two of the most plentiful substances on this planet. The two coexist and interact. One can contain the other while the other can sculpt designs and patterns for us to marvel and observe.

Water is also actually very strong. Over time, it can cut through and destroy just about every element on this planet. It can carve canyons in the Grand Canyon and wipe out everything on earth. Water is God's gift and, at times, His weapon.

Water flowed from a rock when Moses struck it in the desert and watered the people escaping from Egypt. Jesus referred to water as life. At the well in Samaria, he explained the concept of living water. Water that can heal and prosper the possessor. Just by believing in Him, we can gain access to this miracle fluid.

He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”

John 7:38

Let us all reflect on this passage every time we take a drink, wash our hands and take a shower. Come Lord Jesus and bless us with Living Water that we may be complete and prosper in your kingdom.

And that is the Whole Truth. God Bless

and remember God always answers His kneemail.

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