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(In)Dependence Day

Tomorrow is the day that the US celebrates its Independence Day. In the late 1700's, the colonists had become weary of rule by the British crown and sought their own independent state. In 1776 we declared our independence from Britain and many died making that a reality. Today we have grown into one of the most prosperous nations on Earth.

It all started with a small group of Christians who decided to flee the grip of the Church of England in search of religious freedom. Their faith in God landed them in what today is known as Massachusetts. Many had made the treacherous journey across the Atlantic before them but this small band was determined to make a life in the New World.

Independence is never easy. Many seek independence from a toxic family or from slavery or even financial independence so they can quit the daily 9-5 grind. It takes a strong character and drive to take on this journey and many fail along the way.

Almost 6,000 years ago, a man and woman declared their independence from God Himself. With their act of defiance, they determined they could make it on their own. Since that time, we have over thousands of years tried to make a go of life here on Earth to match the splendor and prosperity of the Garden of Eden. Some have come close but billions of lives have been sacrificed and many have died without success.

What we all should be seeking is independence from sin and our human nature. The Buddhist religion teaches liberation in a way to disengage from craving and clinging to impermanent states and things. This is where Christianity and Buddhism align. Both teach the sacrifice of the self to attain enlightenment. The true path to enlightenment is not attained through meditation or sitting on a mountaintop. True enlightenment comes from Re engaging with the Creator who allowed us to tackle this experiment of human existence to begin with. We have left God for ourselves, the whole truth is, we must leave ourselves for God.

The Covid-19 pandemic will put a damper on this years July 4th celebrations. Beaches here in LA are closed and across the US most fireworks shows have been canceled. This will be a weekend of separation from declaring our independence and more of an isolation from celebrating our successes as a nation. Let us take this valuable time and look within and take inventory of our failings and how separated we have become from our Maker. We have become independent from Him. What we should be focused on is Dependence on Him.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33

God wants us to seek Him and if we do, He promises to provide all we need. Just like the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, we will be fed and arrayed by His doing and not our own. This is our true purpose here on Earth. To proclaim God's way is the best way, not our own.

So on this holiday as you hunker down with your family, declare your independence from sin and selfless aspirations. More importantly, declare your Dependence on Him who sent His Son to be sacrificed so we could be found worthy to live with Him forever.

And that is the Whole Truth!

May God truly bless you in your walk with Him.

And remember, God always answers His kneemail.

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