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One Glorious Day

Every year around the Winter Solstice, we celebrate a day like no other. This day was carved out of the year by the church elders around 336 AD. This day has been celebrated almost every year since. It is the day God came down to Earth in a physical form. It is the day God revealed Himself to mankind in a very profound way.

Being the Creator of the Universe would come with a few perks one would think but God chose differently. Instead of being born in a castle, He was born in a barn. Instead of being born into royalty, He was born to a peasant girl and a man who was a simple carpenter. Instead of fanfare and blowing trumpets, His birthplace was designated by a bright light and revealed to shepherds.

This is the character of our Creator. Humble, simple and available to all no matter your social or financial stature. One whose love for us eclipsed all of time and space. This is a day that has outlasted many others and one the whole world celebrates in some form or fashion.

Many years ago, wise men from the east responded to a prophecy of a coming king. They came across Herod and this exchange is recorded in Matthew.

"And he sent them to Bethlehem and said, “Go and search carefully for the young Child, and when you have found Him, bring back word to me, that I may come and worship Him also.”

Matthew 2

God came as He said he would to Abraham and the city of Bethlehem was His choice as was revealed in Micah.

Unfortunately, the spirit of the season has been lost to receiving gifts, Santa Claus and merriment that leads to one of the highest rates of drunken driving during the year. The fact that it has been turned into a secular, commercial fiasco should be proof enough of the cosmic battle that goes on around us every day.

No matter what it has become, we can still reflect back on the original event and take a piece of wisdom from it. We too can associate with this day in the Way of humility, love and charity. We too can welcome a poor man and a rich man to our table and we too can give more than we receive. Also remember, wise men (and women) still seek Him.

God Bless you and yours this festive and glorious holiday season.

And that is the Whole Truth!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and may God bless you in your ongoing walk with Him.

And remember,

God always answers His kneemail.

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