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Is there Life after Death?

So what happens when we die? There are numerous hypothesis and thousands of stories of near death experiences. Many today believe we will all go to heaven. Whenever a celebrity dies, there are numerous accolades on Social media about the deceased "joining the host of heaven" or "looking down on us" or in a "better place". Here are some examples

On a website discussing the death of Liz Taylor, the author discusses the relationship between her and Michael Jackson who had died in 2009.

"She is probably up in heaven right now, going monkey shopping with Michael Jackson," said one blogger, referring to infamously eccentric stories from Jackson's life.

Surely the Pope made it into heaven when he died. One catholic website even confirms this. states

"Now, as a saint in Heaven, Pope Saint John Paul II continues to be a great intercessor and advocate for life!"

Certainly children go to heaven when they die, right? This woman on a memorial message board confirms this after the death of little Maddie:

"I was so sad to hear of the news of little Madison. I know she was the light of her grandmother. Every time I came by their office she would show me the newest pictures of her precious grandchildren. I know she is now with her "Pops" in Heaven. Please know that I am praying for your family."

I would love to believe that we all go to heaven upon our death. It would make the grieving process so much easier for those left behind. But since Heaven is a term that originated from the Bible, we need to go there for the answers to what our future fate is concerning life after death.

Jesus spoke about life after death in his ministry. When Lazarus died, He told the disciples that Lazarus was sleeping and He was going to wake him up. When the disciples questioned Him on this he had to speak more plainly telling them Lazarus was dead.

Last week we highlighted the Tree of Life and over 200 watched the video of how Jesus resurrected the Tree of Life in the cross of Calvary. If Jesus was the Son of God, even He could not escape death on this Earth. For this has been the fate of man since Adam disobeyed God in the Garden.

The difference with Jesus was that after 3 days in the tomb, He was awakened to life. This was God's way of showing mankind what awaited us all. We too could experience this but there was a condition. It states in John 11

"I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in Me, though he die, he shall live."

I know many Christians who have died and been buried but after three days did not emerge from the ground. So what gives? Why were they not resurrected too?

The Bible is pretty clear on this as well. In 1 Thessalonians

"For the Lord will descend from heaven and the dead in Christ will rise first."

So basically when we die, we go to sleep and like sleep which only seems like a moment, we awaken Jesus returns to Earth. Those who awaken with the love of God in their hearts will like Jesus be granted eternal life. The others, well that is another blog post to write.

This topic is too great and controversial to cover in one blog post. Below I have listed some online resources to read that reiterates what the Bible says about life after death.

And that is the Whole Truth, God Bless

and remember God always answers His kneemail.

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