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Merry Christ?mas

It is that time of year when people all over the world join together in the celebration and holiday of Christmas. Stores, churches and homes are decked out in lights, images of Santa Claus and the nativity scene. Ask any child what his or her favorite day is and they will tell you it is Christmas morning.

A recent Pew Research poll showed only 46% of Americans actually celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. This is down from 51% in 2013. Clearly the trend is moving away from Jesus and more towards Santa and the cultural celebration of gift giving and eggnog. This is not surprising based on the declining numbers of parishioners at churches and the removal of the ten commandments and nativity scenes from government property.

December 25th has been appointed as the day of Jesus birth and we are to celebrate this day by honoring Him and sing hymns accordingly. Nowhere in the Bible do we find the practice of celebrating Christs birth. None of Jesus teaching stated that this was a requirement for entering the kingdom of Heaven. The date of December 25th is actually from the birth of a pagan god that the early church used to move the people away from practicing pagan rituals to embracing Christian ones. Based on biblical scholars and historians, Jesus was not born in December but possibly in October or the Spring. The practice of celebrating Jesus birth in December has become more tradition rather than actual fact.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas. The idea of getting family together at least once a year and spending time together is a good tradition to continue. Th idea of reminding ourselves why we celebrate this season is also a good one as the birth of Jesus was mankind's greatest gift from God. The problem is when we start to over shadow these ideals with the ambitions of getting the best gifts or having the most decorated house on the block.

We must remember that Christ was born to be an atoning sacrifice for us 33 years later and that we must do our best to emulate His love for us and treat our fellow man with the love and charity that Jesus displayed 2,000 years ago. Spending on Christmas gifts and decorations has reached over $600 billion per season. Imagine how many meals and clothes could be purchased for those less fortunate with that kind of money.

If we are going to put Christ back in Christmas, we must do as He did. We must serve our fellow man, provide a portion of our gains over the past year as gifts for those who did not fair so well. Tis the season to forgive and pardon, to enlighten and proclaim His birth and resurrection. Christmas is a time to remember that this life and this world are only temporary and that the one to come will be more joyful than any Christmas morning ever could be.

Let's put Christ back in Christmas.

And That's the Whole Truth , God Bless, Merry CHRISTmas

and always remember God always answers His kneemail.

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